Registration as a RPEQ is formal recognition of the qualification and competency of an engineer in the State of Queensland.

Like other professions such as builders and architects, engineers in Queensland have a registration scheme that certifies and protects the title of “Professional Engineer”. This important reform for the engineering profession in Queensland provides recognition of the vital role that engineers play in building our world and protecting our communities.

How do I get RPEQ assessment?
The Queensland Engineers Registration Scheme is a co-regulatory model where assessment is undertaken by a professional engineering body prior to the engineer registering with the Queensland Government’s Board of Professional Engineers.

APEA is an approved assessment entity for the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ), we can undertake assessments for any one of the following disciplines an engineer is seeking to become a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

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 What’s the difference between RPEQ and RPEng?

Be mindful that RPEQ and RPEng are different:

  • RPEQ is a legislated title, awarded by the BPEQ. To achieve the title, you need to have your qualifications and competency assessed by an approved assessment entity – APEA.
  • RPEng is a national title awarded exclusively to members of The Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA).

The assessment eligibility requirements are the same for RPEng and RPEQ.

Please read the guideline for RPEQ assessment here.

How to achieve RPEQ – the process

Step 1. Get your qualification documents certified, ensure you have a minimum of 50-hours worth of CPD and make sure that your referees are eligible and provide one written reference letter, then apply for your RPEQ assessment with APEA

Step 2. Our assessors will review your documentation, then conduct phone interviews with you and your referees. After your assessment is successful, we’ll provide you with a Letter of Outcome

Step 3. Visit the Become an RPEQ section

Step 4. Once BPEQ confirms with us that your Letter of Outcome is genuine, they will then consider your application to achieve RPEQ.


  • For APEA members: the application fee is included in your union dues
  • For Non-Members of APEA: $884 per assessment.
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