RPEng is a national accreditation scheme for experienced professional engineers administered by Professionals Australia.

What is RPEng?

When you have the Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) title this demonstrates to the public that you are an engineer who is qualified, competent and ethical. RPEng is only available to members of the Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA)

Being a Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia is the practical mark of quality in engineering.

RPEng was introduced to provide APEA members with a high-quality, fully accredited form of registration that is affordable and sensible.

Why is it good for your career?

Without registration, there is no assurance that an engineer, is actually an engineer.

Professional engineers deserve to be recognised for their qualifications, hard work and commitment to ethical practice – for their importance to the community.

Registration separates the professional engineers from the technologists, associates, para-professionals, and the incompetent.

Why is this good for you? Simple. Accredited engineers earn more money – 24% more, actually.


  • For APEA members: the application fee is included in your union dues
  • For Non-Members of APEA: $884 per assessment.

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