To be considered eligible for assessment for registration in Victoria:

  • You must have completed at least five-years of relevant work experience of which at least four-years must be post-graduation in the area relevant to the discipline in which you seek registration.
  • This experience must have been gained within the last ten years.
Nature of experience:

You must have demonstrated competency in the following five elements from the ‘Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2: Experienced Professional Engineer’ in the relevant area or areas of engineering:

  • Element 1 – Deal with ethical issues
  • Element 2 – Practice competently
  • Element 4 – Develop safe and sustainable solutions
  • Element 6 – Identify, assess and manage risks, and
  • Element 13 – Engineering knowledge – according to their area of practice including a knowledge of standards and practices.

Resumé Requirements

When submitting your application, you’ll be required to upload a detailed Curriculum Vitae. This document will need to be detailed enough for our assessors to make informed decisions about your eligibility.

Your resumé should provide:

  • Names of your Employers/Organisation;
  • Summary of the services/products provided by each employer/organisation;
  • Job titles;
  • Length of employment;
  • Brief description of your roles;
  • And examples of your work activities at each employer/organisation.
    • Names and contact details of persons who can corroborate your experience
    • Details of any training in the areas you claim competency
Your work experience should outline your use of theories, concepts, and practices to solve real world problems related to your discipline.

If you need to start a new resumé, you can download our resumé template here.

Professional Referees

Applicants must provide at least one written reference and the details of a minimum of three Professional Referees who can verify the applicant’s work experience and competencies.

Applicants seeking building endorsement must provide two written references in addition to three professional referees. Your written references can be prepared by any of your three nominated professional referees.

Written Reference Template:

We have prepared a template to assist your referees with their written references. Click to download a reference letter template for your referees to populate as relevant to your application.

Eligible referees verify the professional experience, competencies and your commitment to professionalism.

Referees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a current holder of RPEng, CPEng, RPEQ or equivalent status or have an accredited degree in engineering with at least 7 years' experience.
  • Be either your supervisor or colleague who are familiar with the professional experience and activities highlighted in your resumé
  • Have known you for a period of NO LESS than 12 months.
  • Two of the referees must be able to attest to your Australian experience.
  • Be able to provide written and verbal confirmation of the applications qualifications and work experience.

Check with your three referees to ensure they are available and eligible to be your referees to avoid delays to the progress of your application.

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