Registration for professional engineers in Victoria phased in from 1 July, 2021

From 1 July, the Victorian Government will begin to phase in registration for professional engineers working in the state. This will require any person conducting an engineering service in Victoria in certain areas outlined below to be registered as a professional engineer.  

Like other professions such as builders and architects, engineers will have a registration scheme that certifies and protects the title of “Professional Engineer”. This is a historic moment for the engineering profession in Victoria, and finally provides recognition of the vital role that engineers play in building our world and protecting our communities.

Registration will commence from 1 July 2021 with a staged implementation.

APEA can provide assessments for Victorian registration for both members and non-members. Click here for more information.

APEA will be providing assessments for Victorian registration in the following area's:

Civil Engineering - mandatory registration from 1 October 2022
Structural Engineering -
mandatory registration from 1 October 2022
Electrical Engineering -
mandatory registration from 1 June 2023
Mechanical Engineering -
mandatory registration from 1 December 2023

The Victorian Engineers Registration Scheme is a co-regulatory model where assessment is undertaken by an approved assessment entity prior to the engineer applying for registration with the Building Licensing Authority. 

Step 1. The assessment entity will verify the qualifications, experience and competency of professional engineers for registration.

Step 2. Once assessed by an assessment entity as eligible, the engineer with then apply to the Victorian Business Licencing Authority for registration.

You can find out more information by visiting

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia has been an assessment entity in Queensland for almost a decade and has been approved by the BLA as  an assessment entity in Victoria.

When you choose to be assessed through us you'll receive:

  1.  The simplest and best value engineer assessment process on the market
  2.  Free continuing professional development
  3.  Additional benefits and discounts if you also become a member of Association of Professional Engineers Australia. Please visit our Member Benefits Page.

Please see our comprehensive FAQ section below for any queries you might have. 
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You would need to complete a Stage One Competency Assessment in the Professional Engineer category.
Yes, having RPEng is your key to letting others know that you are a Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia. It also let’s others know that you have the qualifications and experience that is required to carry out the engineering work that is required.
You can use clients as referees as well, if they meet the eligibility requirements.
Interstate and international engineers who provide professional engineering services for Victoria will be required to be registered.
Yes, if you are providing professional engineering services within the state of Victoria.
Members who hold current RPEng accreditation and are listed on the APER or have been assessed within the last 12 months as being eligible for RPEng accreditation and listing on the APER do not need to be reassessed can be provided with a letter confirming their previous and current RPEng accreditation for the relevant area/s of engineering.
The areas of engineering that must be registered are:

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fire Safety
This includes sub-disciplines of these areas. Please refer to the documentation from the Victorian Government.
Engineers who provide professional engineering services to the building industry will require building endorsement with an assessment entity approved to undertake assessments for building endorsement. Professionals Australia does not undertake assessments for building endorsement.