Engineers can apply for building endorsement.

Applicants who work or wish to work in the building industry will be able to apply for building endorsement at the same time as seeking assessment for registration in Victoria as part of the standard assessment process without an additional cost so long as the building endorsement box has been selected as part of your initial application*

The building industry encompasses the construction, demolition, or removal of all types of buildings where buildings include structures, temporary buildings, temporary structures and any part of a building or structure. For work in this area engineers must seek building endorsement as part of their application for registration assessment. Engineers seeking building endorsement will need to demonstrate knowledge of the building industry and practical application of:

  • Victorian building laws and standards, and
  • the operation and use of the National Construction Code as it applies to the relevant area/s of engineering (structural, civil, electrical, and/or mechanical engineering.

How to apply for building endorsement

1. When completing your online application form, select one of the relevant application types where building endorsement is available:

  • VIC or
  • RPEng with VIC (for applicants who would like an RPEng assessment simultaneously with a Victorian one)
2. You must select the building endorsement check box as part of your application so as to ensure you will be assessed by a building endorsed assessor*.

You must select the building endorsement option to avoid additional application costs as we will ensure that during your initial assessment, you are assessed by a building endorsed assessor at no extra cost. Failing to select the building endorsement box as part of your initial application, will mean you are not assessed by a building endorsed assessor, nor will the building endorsement section of the interview be applied to your assessment.

Should you wish to add building endorsement after your initial assessment has already been completed, you will need to apply for and pay for an additional application, with the building endorsement option selected in order to be assessed for building endorsement by an eligible assessor, that is an assessor with building endorsement who will ask additional questions relevant to building endorsement.

Additional Documentation Required:

In addition to the standard application documentation as outlined in the eligibility section, applicants seeking building endorsement must also provide:

  • Two written references in addition to three professional referees. It is highly encouraged that your written references are prepared by engineers with building endorsement who can attest to your experience. Your written references can also be prepared by any of your three nominated professional referees.

We have prepared a template to assist your referees with their written references. Click to download a reference letter template for your referees to populate as relevant to your application for building endorsement.

Referees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a current holder of RPEng, CPEng, RPEQ or equivalent status or have an accredited degree in engineering with at least 7 years' experience.
  • Be either your supervisor or colleague who are familiar with the professional experience and activities highlighted in your resumé 
  • Have known you for a period of NO LESS than 12 months. 
  • Two of the referees must be able to attest to your Australian experience.
  • Be able to provide written and verbal confirmation of the applications qualifications and work experience

Check with your three professional referees to ensure they are available and eligible to be your referees to avoid delays to the progress of your application.


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