It is now a requirement for all applicants to provide 100-points of identification, this helps our assessors to ensure that they are assessing the correct person.

You will be unable to complete your application until 100-points have been provided.

Your assessor will check your identification at the before commencing your assessment interview.

Your identification documents must be clear high-resolution images with clear and legible writing for proper assessments.
Primary documents Identification Points
Australian Citizenship Certificate 70
Australian Passport 70
Australian Drivers Licence/Learner's Permit 40
Birth Certificate 70
Certificate of Identity 70
Defence Force Photo ID 40
Foreign Passport 70
Government Employee ID 40
Secondary documents Marriage Certificate 25
Birth Card(NSW Only) 25
Birth Certificate Extract 25
Centrelink Card(With Reference No) 40
Debit or Credit Card 25
Medicare Card 25


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