Our code of ethics demonstrates your responsibility and commitment to society and professional engineering

The code of ethics is not a behavioural guide or rule book. It provides the foundations of an ethical culture, sets ethical benchmarks, and inspires society’s confidence in Professionals Australia members.

The RPEng code of ethics states the following:

As a Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) you will be required to:

  • At all times further the standing of the engineering profession through conducting themselves with professionalism and by displaying integrity, diligence and decency.
  • Uphold the safety, health and well being of the community.
  • Practice solely in their areas of competence and communicate to relevant stakeholders when the scope of work falls outside their area of competence.
  • Understand the environmental impact of their engineering services and adhere to environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Provide engineering services beneficial to the economy.
  • Communicate honestly and clearly to their employers and clients in relation to safety, risk, cost, time, fitness for purpose, quality, reliability, environmental impact and economic benefit.
  • Put foremost the interests of public safety when there is a conflict of interest between the interests of the public and the instructions of your employer.
  • Bring evidence of poor public and private decision-making to light to authorities or the public more generally when compelled by poor practice, instruction or negligence.
  • Continue professional development in their chosen areas of competence and remain informed of major changes within their industry.
  • Provide mentoring and training to ensure knowledge and skills are transferred to others.
  • Not behave in a manner that would damage the reputation of themselves and others.
  • Report unlawful/unethical behaviour and conflicts of interest.
  • Promote ethical behaviour.
  • Comply with relevant Government legislation and regulations.
  • Abide by the rules of disclosure and use of classified information.
  • Not misuse company, public and private property.


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